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How To Prevent Cockroaches From Entering Your Home

Just about everybody is grossed out by cockroaches and they're carriers of parasites like tapeworms. They're also a trigger for allergens and asthma. Today I'm going to show you how to deal with these pests organically. There are three major species of cockroaches that can be problems indoors: German, Oriental and American. German cockroaches are by far the most common type to cause an
infestation. Oriental and American cockroaches are usually only problems in very damp humid areas. When it comes to controlling cockroaches you need to use an integrated pest management system. Using just one type of control won't eliminate the problem and it won't prevent it from reoccurring again.

Control cockroaches through sanitation, exclusions and perhaps chemical control. The first step is exclusion. If the cockroaches can't get into your kitchen they can't infest it. Use weather stripping around your doors and windows. Keep shrubs trimmed so they're away from the house.

Caulk small cracks in the walls and where wires come into the house. If you don't have indoor pets or small children you can also put down some crawling insect killer in front of vents to kill roaches trying to come in the house. If you're bringing in a piece of furniture or an accessory into the home from outside be sure and vet it very carefully to make sure that there's no roaches hitching a ride, remove trash or stacked firewood from against your home.

Watch this:

These can provide places for hiding roaches. Cockroaches like dark warm places to hide so check your meter box and irrigation boxes regularly. Cockroach populations in these areas may easily make it indoors. if you do find evidence of cockroach populations inside you can spray with a product that's labeled for cockroaches indoors like this orange guard.

Inside your house practice sanitation. Remove sources of food water and hiding places to make your kitchen unattractive to roaches. Store your food in plastic or glass containers that cockroaches can't get into. Vacuum the back of cabinets, the back of drawers, to be able to vacuum up any food or egg cases or roaches. Use a flashlight and mirror to check for hard to see places. Check for egg cases, roach skins and possible food droppings.

Be sure and check under your sink for leaks. Cockroaches could get thirsty and try to find water underneath. Remove stacks of magazines, bags or other places that roaches might hide. If you can't remove a likely hiding place you can place sticky traps like this insect magnet to monitor your control strategy. Use metal cans with secure lids to prevent roaches from getting inside your trash cans.
Be sure and practice monitoring exclusion good sanitation and organic controls and keep these baddies out of your kitchen and grow organic for life.

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